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Proper ventilation is vital when cooling with water or melting ice!

As there is no such thing in the world as a self-contained 12-volt air conditioner the MightyKool K2 self-contained cooling system is used to offer relief from the heat. When cooling with water or melting ice inside a Sleeper, Boat, Camper or slow moving Farm or Construction equipment it is difficult to provide proper ventilation. Humidity increases when cooling with water or melting ice, therefore a good flow of fresh air in and out is vital to produce maximum cooling. Therefore the need for the optional Air Intake Housing, which we will install at the Factory on a new model.

Hot fresh air is needed coming in and going out of the area all the time. Most cut a piece of cardboard to fit one window and cut a 4” hole for the hose and tape of fasten it so it would draw the outside fresh air directly into the K2, which is what it needs to produce cooler air. Blocking the rest of the window with cardboard keeps air from going out that window. Then open another window to let the slightly humidified air out, as you do not want to increase the humidity that is already in the air. Without the Hose system more windows need to be open to provide proper ventilation.

The Air Intake Housing as seen on the air intake side of the Model K2 is fitted with a 4 inch Flexible Hose seven feet long, which is easy cut to any length you may need. The hose is easily removed at any time you do not need to bring fresh air directly into the MightyKool because you have adequate fresh air in an area. The hose is just as easy to replace when needed.

The Air Intake Housing fits the Models K2, WIN3 & MW1 and would be factory installed if you order this option when ordering one of those three models. It may be ordered later as it would fit any of those three models previously owned.

The optional Air Intake Housing Kit allows a superior method of providing Fresh Air ventilation, which is vital to provide maximum cooling when cooling with water or melting ice. Note the Water Fill on the top in Black on the K2.

In parked or slow moving vehicles like Farm or Construction equipment, more ventilation is needed, which is the purpose of the Air Intake plus the same applies for sleeping and for pets. The seven-foot 4" Hose slips off easy when not needed and the fan noise level is also reduced.

Farmers & Construction workers will be able to control much of the dust problems by using the Air Intake Housing Kit by placing the hose in a window and even cut cheap furnace filters over the hose intake to help keep dust outside the cab.

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Some Claim a Fan blowing across Ice solves heat problems. Claim checker.

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