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Act now to get a K2 Model for US $299.00 including shipping to your doorstep and receive Free Options and no Custom or GST Taxes!

Transcool™ is a "Knock-Off" copy of our MightyKoolMW1 (developed in 2003) just like other stolen engineering designs of famous products. Donegan of Kyneton ripped-off our thousands of hours of Visionary work. One of the several things he could not rip-off is the superior cooling of our Smart Cooling Filter & design of our Fan motors.

Also the K2 holds enough water to cool all night without the nuisance of trying to find a spot for the gravity feed water container to stay where you place it, plus bothering to fill it along with the cooler.

Donegan says: Transcool is better; so Click here if you want to check out his comparison of the EC3 to the 2003 MightyKool model he copied. Of course now he is 14 years behind the curve, as all he can do is incorporate useless items in his 14 year old theft design, which he still claims is his Design. Donegan also claims that he is "being crippled by overseas manufacturers." (The Boomerang is working!)

"Just wanted to let you know we received the K2 on Tuesday, very fast delivery. We tried it today but not for long as it was too cold! I'm very happy we made this purchase. Thank you, Regards, T.R. South Australia September 17, 2016"

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The new MightyKool K2 (left) is shipped to your doorstep right now for US $299.00. The K2 produces up to 15.1% more cooling velocity than a EC3-F Transcool™. We provide Cool Engineering, not useless gimmicks, that caused a Transcool in California to burn up. Dimensions/Specs

There is lots of room in the K2 for ice, which cools down to 15 Celsius, then converts automatically to cool with water when the ice is gone. The K2 is designed to cool with just water, as you do not need to deal with ice unless you want to.

This new Low Profile K2 Model (20.0 cm H x 26.5cm W) personal cooling system is self-contained & similar to height of the white Trans. The seamless design holds more than enough water to cool all night long without the nuisance of trying to find a spot for the gravity feed water container to stay where you place it.
The Orange Floating Ball indicates the water level at a glance. Perfect for use in a Sleeper, Boat, Caravan, Tent, for Pets, & in moving vehicles. The K2 is designed to use our optional Air Intake Housing (popular for humid areas and for pets left in a vehicle) plus the Flex Hose Kit (popular for use to cool people when in a moving vehicle).

Our pricing includes shipping/handling to your doorstep in Australia in about 10 days from the time we process and ship your order. A set of (2) Smart Cooling Filters may be added to an order, as we pay shipping for any option. Taxes & Import Fees

The K2 contains the easy Top water fill (left) that slides open & closed in one second. This makes it easy to add lots of water or ice instead of being restricted with adding both. Ice goes behind the cooling filter for maximum cool temperatures instead of in front, which could lead to spraying water. Water is emptied easily through the fill door instead of staining the chrome vents.

The "blend anywhere" stylish cool gray K2 is seamless, strong & lightweight with powerful Twin double ball bearing Brushless Energy Saving Motors using less battery power than one tail light bulb. [To Place an Order]

Summary: Surround you or your pets with cool air using water only no ice. Be Cool with a MightyKool!

Customer comment: "3 year old enjoying a nap during 102 degree summer day on the water in texas!" Got the K2 and wow this thing works wonders....put in my boat's cuddy and my son took a nap immediately once it was on... Here is a pic: Thanks again. Very satisfied customer! O.F. Flower Mound, TX. (lake north of Dallas a humid area)

These pictures show what a MightyKool K2 Personal Cooling System is all about. Cool one or two people or pets by placing where needed then put in a little water and plug into a 12-volt power cigarette lighter outlet & turn on low or medium speed. To Place an Order

Customer comment:
"Texas is having record heat. We had to leave Max in our RV for a little bit while we took care of some business. When we got back he was sacked out in front of it. I think he likes it! Max would like other pets to be as happy as he is." D.H. Hunt County, TX (K2 MightyKool NE of Dallas a humid area)

Regarding Customs and Import Duty into Australia (August 10, 2014):
"If your goods arrive in Australia by mail and have a declared or assessed value of A$1,000 or less, the goods may be imported free of duty, taxes and Customs and Border Protection charges, unless they are alcohol products or tobacco products. Apart from alcohol and tobacco products those goods will be cleared by Customs and Border Protection and delivered by Australia Post without you doing anything." Copied from:

The K2 is a favorite for Sleepers, Campers, Boats, Pets, tents, etc. and is available with the optional Air Intake Housing Kit (right) as good ventilation is required when cooling with water or melting ice. The K2 carries a Two (2) Year Limited Warrantee and we have been around since 1989 to back it up!

The Air Intake Kit is designed to provide Proper Ventilation vital to producing Maximum Cool air. Especially true in non-moving vehicles for Sleepers, Pets, Campers, Boats, or slow moving vehicles like Farm & Construction Equipment. This Kit also provides maximum cooling in Humid climates, where more Ventilation is needed, than in dry climates. BACK TO THE TOP

MightyKool Customers may order a set of (2) Smart Cooling Filters at anytime for $29.00 including S/H to Australia.

The K2 is designed to also use the Optional Flex Hose Kit (left). Click on the Flex Hose Kit to see why you may want to consider them for use in Moving Vehicles or to flow Cool air in two different areas at the same time. There are hundreds of MightyKool owners using the Flex Hose Kit.

It takes an air conditioner to cool any area, however there is no such thing in the world as a self-contained 12-volt air conditioner. To cool the back half of a Minivan for 5 hours during the day takes approximately 45 kilograms of ice & a proper system, therefore if interested in this system; Click here.

Click below for some cooling needs for:
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Swampy 12 volt Cooling Systems are Proudly made in the USA since 1989

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NOTE: The new 2016 K2 model has the identical cooling system of all MightyKool MW1, MW2 & WIN models, which dominate the testimonials.

We tell you that portable cooling devices are Spot Coolers NOT Area Coolers, however many times we receive testimonials stating that our models cool areas, which may lead you to believe they would do the same for you, which they may or may not.

Our Models have been trusted in Australia since 1989! This small sample of Testimonials from our Australian customers will most certainly back up this claim. The following are but a few of the hundreds of email's we receive that we place under the heading on our Web site called Testimonials:

Click to meet Michael a fine Australian gentleman with his hand on the pulse for the latest in Green Technology Ideas!

Just a short note. Living in Australia the wide sun burnt wonderful land and traveling mostly in summer in a Toyota van, we needed something to lower inside temp so we could sleep. Well we found - purchased a cooler hoping it would lower the inside temp, well it done more than that. it made sleeping very easy. our unit was fitted with the hose kit and sucked air from outside the van and the push the air through a vent system fitted to the side window. We camped on the edge of the Murray River with the outside temp steady at 36.c or 96.F at 6 pm the cooler lowered the inside temp to around 24.C or 75.F so it was cool enough to sleep.with the added bonus o cool air blowing on your face. If your in Australia and Want "the best" portable cooler in the "world" buy this one. The others are a poor mans copy and simply don't shape up.

2013 JANUARY TEMPERATURES WERE FROM 39 TO 47 Celsius (102 to 117 Fahrenheit):
Just letting you know we have returned from the Murray River. We had temperatures of 47,45,44,43,42,40,then 39 all consecutive during the day our Cub camper van had shade cloth tropical roof set up. That at night our inside temperatures were 10 degrees less. We used each and every night our MightyKool MW1 with results that made us very satisfied that we had it, as it allowed us the most peaceful of nights sleep. In one word wonderful. J. K. Beaumaris, Victoria

We are placing an order for a Swampy MW1, filters & water container following the recommendation by B. D. of Mawson Lakes, S.A. who received his MW1 & filters & water container in August 2012. After experiencing the MW1 and hearing his recommendation and ease of acquiring the swampy from you, my Wife strongly hinted her Christmas wish list. Eagerly waiting for the arrival of ours. E. H. Valley View, S.A.

Mighty Cool (MW1) arrived today (November 2012) Amazing delivery. I decided to plug it in and test it. Camper temp was 29 degrees "C" when I plugged it in. After 1 hour on full to give it a blast to cool it down temp was sitting on 20.5 degrees "C". WOW! I have seen a few things in my time but this was just unbelievable. I want to compliment you on firstly the product itself which has outperformed my best expectations and secondly on your service and help which was second to none. Regards K. B. Sydney Australia

I just wanted to let you know that the unit (MW1) was brilliant - it's an off-grid, arid area dream; so light on the juice and on water and quieter than the desk fan I was using previously (not to mention a heck of a lot more effective). This is going to really make summer a lot more tolerable for me and Niki the Wonder Dog - we both really suffered last summer during our many 105F+ (inside temperature) days :). M.B. Hackham, Australia

My MW1 arrived as promised in a week. THANKS. What a great little unit. I gave it a good run on the weekend and was impressed by the wonderful cooling breeze. Looks like it's built to provide many years of good service. This has been all good and many thanks again for all your help. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas G. M. Salamander Bay, NSW Australia

Received the MW1 cooler today and its excellent build quality and moves a surprising amount of air. It is a credit to you for the design an efficiency of this cooler and thanks very much for a pleasant and speedy transaction and for once I got a product that does as advertised which is very rare these days. All the best K. M. WA Australia

You are the only web site that told it strait and obviously have a lot of experience with 12 volt cooling systems. In this money grabbing world we live in your site and info was actually a pleasure to read. Thanks for your time and I look forward to receiving the cooler. K. M. Boulder, WA Australia

My MW1 arrived as promised in a week. THANKS. What a great little unit. I gave it a good run on the weekend and was impressed by the wonderful cooling breeze. Looks like it also looks like it's built to provide many years of good service. G. M. Salamander Bay, NSW, Australia.

Thanks Jack, did see the
Transcool™ and thought it was probably a copy. Bought stuff from the states before and none of it has been crap. Know you Yanks don't put up with shit. The fact that your in still in business in these hard times means your selling a good product, can't wait to test mine when it arrives. M. L. Port Hedland, WA. Australia

I purchased one of your evaporative air coolers for my Mark Two, 1968 Jaguar. We went through a couple of days in the high 90's. My wife was delighted; as we placed the unit on the floor, behind the front seat and took the two (Flex Hose) tubes through between the seats and placed them under the seat belt across our chest and pointing up under our chin. It is remarkable how cool you feel when your face is cool & occasional I would move the hose over my arms etc. Admittedly, it is not like driving with a fully air conditioner car but it does a remarkable job at keeping us cool. It beats the hell out of spending $6000. R. B. Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Received the unit all ok & have tried it and am very pleased with the performance. I thank you for all your assistance and wish you all the best for the future. Barry Yates, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia.

Received the cooler today and gave it a quick try. Its excellent builds quality and moves a surprising amount of air. It was a hot day here today around 42C (107F) and approx 10% to 15% humidity and the ambient temp in the shade at the time of testing was 36.3C (97F). On a medium setting after I had a temp of 22.6C (72F) immediately in front of the unit and at 15 feet was at 24.5 (76F) an excellent result. I am sure with the output directed strait on a person laying in bed or sitting direct in the airflow this unit would be an absolutely perfect cooling unit. It is a credit to you for the design an efficiency of this cooler and once my mates here see this I'm sure you will be getting more orders. Thanks very much for a pleasant and speedy transaction and for once i got a product that does as advertised which is very rare these days. K. M. Boulder, WA Australia

Just thought I'd let you know that today was the first day this year I've needed to use the MW1 (temp is 105F at the moment) - this is its 3rd season now and it's still going strong. I forgot just how good the unit was. I still believe this is one of the best purchase decisions I've ever made. M. B. Hackham, Australia

Thank you for the unit (Model MK3 MightyKool). have tried it and works better than expected. have found 3lt frozen plastic milk bottles to work the most efficient. approx 1lt an hr. I also use an ice vest for wiper snipping keeping my body temp. cooler all day long. Will send you a photo of my cab on the Ztrak Mower when I get time. The unit also acts as a air purifier and I feel less need to wear a mask in Dusty Conditions. Im sure you will get a few more sales from Moree after a few people see my setup. C. T. Moree Australia

Here are the impressive details from our one hour 'test drive' with our MW1 cooling unit: Outside temperature in sun 52 degrees Celcius/125.6 degrees Fahrenheit (Possibly higher as the thermometer's limit is only 52! Phew!) Internal van temperature 45 degrees Celcuis/113 degrees Fahrenheit On operating our MW1 we watched in awe as the internal van temperature dropped by 1 degree celcius per minute, leveling off at 41 degrees Celsius/105.8 Fahrenheit. What a heavenly relief! Plus, with that amazing little unit's mighty powerful airflow, the temperature of course seemed much, much lower than even that; amply matching the feel & comfort of the 35 degree C/95 degree F - with seabreeze relief included - that we'd been experiencing whilst away. We're absolutely delighted with our little MW1 Jack. It can certainly 'pack some punch' hey? Again, we just can't thank you enough for availing such marvelous products to us and indeed the world, for your kind & wonderful service, and thank you ever so much for filling & fulfilling such a much needed niche. We're greatly looking forward with confidence to a future of happy, comfy camping, guaranteed, no matter how high the temperature soars, because of our MW1! Cheers & Blessings, M. & J. Perth, Australia

Thank you for sending the cooler so promptly. Had a test run inside our Motorhome (RV) and was very impressed. We are in the CMCA (Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia) and when our friends see the "Mighty Kool" there might be some more orders for you.
Thanks again, H. K. South Australia

I purchased a MK3 as a gift for my husband who works in the tropics and outback desert areas of Australia. I was optimistic that the dual cooler/air-conditioner would give him some relief from the heat. He recently passed through the Opal Mining Town of Coober Pedy where they build their homes underground to beat the heat and the temperature there was 54 degrees Celsius (130 Degrees Fahrenheit). He sleeps in the back canopy area of a utility while on the road working and he tells me THE MK3 IS FANTASTIC! On the low setting it cools the sleeping area and he has no trouble sleeping at all. With ice (in the Tropics) and on a higher setting he pulled a sleeping bag over himself because he was too cool! I want to thank you for a great product and tremendous customer service. My husband has recommended you to other drivers and they will be in touch with you soon. TOO COOL! K.R. Blackwall Australia

I have just returned from an across Australia road trip. The Mighty Kool MW1 performed well. Temperatures were around 35-38Celsius when I stopped for a break in the late afternoons. The considerable breeze provided a cool relief and even kept the flies and insects at bay (an unexpected bonus!) Thanks again, R. B. Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the MW1 MightyKool cooling system. I was bit hesitant at first but after running it for the last two weeks in 30 + C. degrees, have found it very good. I have been filling the cooler with cold water from my fridge and found sleeping quite comfortable.Compared to the cost of other evaporative coolers these systems are way in front. thanks again, regards, D. & K. F. Goombungee, Queensland, Australia


Customer Comment:
I know that if any future purchasers of a 12v DC evaporative cooler do their homework and reads up on the available products out there that are available for purchase for use in Australia that they would conclude the same as I did. Why purchase an inferior product from a guy (Pete Donegan from Kyneton for Transcool) who tried to rip off his previous supplier of the 'Swampy' with his inferior copy? Thanks once again, the delivery was quick and hassle free. The item (MW1 was well protected during shipping with the way it was packed. I am a very happy customer. Shame on you Pete Donegan ! S.G. Whittlesea, Victoria Australia

Donegan States: "Transcool units prior to the current EC3 model had been manufactured in the USA."
Note: Look closely at the View Window of the Pad in the pictures of Transcool. Donegan obviously used our Smart Cooling Filter for Testing & for his Pictures, as his inferior Pad has always had a felt belt around it. He claims his pad lasts longer, which means it does not cool like ours. We believe Cooling is the only reason you would be interested, correct?
He recently added a useless 12/24 volt switch and an automatic voltage shut down. We believe anyone using it over 50 hours would automatically believe the battery should be charged, correct? We believe most are interested in Cooling not in Gimmicks that caused a Transcool in California to burn up. Donegan replaced the burned up Transcool, which we found out about as the owner did not feel good about his Transcool ordered our modern MightyKool K2.

Now Donegan's Claims: "The new Australian Transcool EC3 has been "significantly redesigned" to overcome the reliability problems that "plague" many of the American made units."
(Must have been bad? But good enough for Donegan to try to copy it right down to the last dimension!)

Plague sounds like major disease to us, so why not check the MW1 Testimonials to see how many hundreds of them mention a Problem. Our MW1 warranties are basically non-existent and Donegan knows it. "Significantly Redesigned" sounds important so lets see what problems "plague" the MW1 that Donegan claims to have solved:

Donegan said he solved or improved: A: Durability, B: Leaks, C: Corrosion, D: Filling, E. Overfilling, F: Baffling, G: Filters, H: Warrantee, I: Effectiveness. Then to top it off Donegan claims "(He is) being crippled by overseas manufacturers.."

A: The MW1 uses a less durable production technique:
Donegan's Injection molded Trans. is much cheaper to manufacture than the labor-intensive method we employed with the MW1. Both use the same robust ABS plastic, however Donegan cannot incorporate improvements with his ridged molded process.

B: Watertight container: (Hey Donegan, check out the new seamless K2 Model) In the many years that we shipped our MW1 to Donegan we have NO record of having to replace even (1) leaky MW1, as repairs are simple, if there would be an isolated problem. Transfool also has a seam around the Water Gauge that could leak.

C: MW1 Switch is Prone to corrosion
The MW1 switch, as well as the switch's on all our Models since 1989 are designed to allow corrosion, as this is our "fail safe" warning that unwanted moisture is forming, therefore allowing the user to correct what they are doing wrong.

D: Water is easier to add to Trans.
It takes longer to just put the lid back on Trans. than it takes to fill the MW1, eliminated the stupid fill and opened up a big opening in front of the pad instead of where it should be behind the pad. If you add Ice to the EC3 it goes on the opposite side of his pad, therefore eliminating the biggest advantage of adding ice, except to possibly spray water in your face. Check the sliding water fill on the K2 for simplicity and speed of filling in the proper place & the easy to read water gauge.

E: Overfill protection:
It is not possible to overfill the MW1 so why would Donegan even bring up the fact that his Trans. drains excess water through the motors. Wow -- that is a good plan?

F: Baffling Water:
Donegan's claims his water baffling is better so if that is the case why does he tell his users exactly the same information that we tell our customers when using one in a moving vehicle. Imagine that; he copied the instructions, along with most everything else!

G: Filters last longer and price includes delivery
Donegan says his filters last for 500 to 800 hours of use, therefore proving they do cool as efficiently as our Smart Cooling Filters, which we recommend changing every 300 hours. We have customers use our Smart Cooling Filters for over 500 hours in Dust and sometimes for over nine years at a time, such as V.P of Bend, OR, formerly of Los Angeles, CA had his MW1 since April 12, 2005 & used the original Smart Cooling Filter since then and just ordered new two new ones on August 11, 2014! We know our efficient Filters are still cooling; however we believe clean filtered cool air is important. Our prices for our Smart Filters no more than Donegans and in some cases less including shipping.

H: Trans. has a 12 month warranty: Our MightyKool models have a 24 month warrantee and rarely needed.

I: Trans. is the most effective product:
The MW1 & K2 models produce up to 15.1% more Cooling Velocity than the Trans. so how is his more effective?

J: Donegan claims "We are being crippled by overseas manufacturers.."
How do we answer that statement when he must think it okay to "cripple" the Originators!

This takes care of the "Significantly Redesigned" Plagued problems Donegan claims to have fixed!

Donegan "knocked-off" 99.75% of our MW1 design, as he is no fool and would not want to sacrifice the outstanding performance that we struggled for years to obtain. However he could not copy our powerful double ball bearing motors or proprietary Smart Cooling Filter, as the MW1 & K2 produces up to 15.1% more cooling velocity than the EC2 or EC3 Trans & yet he claims he "designed" the EC3.


If you like reading there is more on the Donegan's Transcool Saga below:

Pete Donegan from Kyneton did a good job for us for 8 years, as he is a good salesman. He was our only Australian Dealer marketing our MW1 under the name Transcool™, as we authorized him to do so. Donegan built his sales for the MW1 (Transcool) by using our website, descriptions & testimonials and most important the reliability and superior cooling of the MW1.

After stealing our Engineering, he "Knocked-Off" a copy of the MW1 in 2010. He even took advantage of all the MW1 "good will" by naming his "knock-off" Transcool
. which could be expected by some in China, but not an Australian! WikipediA indicates "Counterfeit consumer goods, commonly called knock-offs, are counterfeit or imitation products offered for sale."

We received an email from a customer of Donegan's stating a Transcool
was purchased in 2011 because Donegan stated HE was the developer of the Transcool™ and all of Donegan Transport Fleet of Trucks has them. WikipediA refers to Developing as doing a "Complete process of bringing a NEW Product to Market".

In September 2011 (One year after Donegan made his "Knock-Off" Copy of our MW1) Donegan's Attorney threatened us by saying "We were doing irreparable damage to Donegan's Reputation and business"! Maybe we never heard from them again after answering them because they learned that we are the ones receiving "irreparable damage".

Over our 28-year history somebody like Donegan produces a "Knock-Off" Copy of one of our products. These copy merchants have no costly engineering & development price tags, just a pencil to copy & a little time to search for parts. Of course this is devastating to us, as there is always a loss of sales and more loss of sleep at night because of betrayal. "Irreparable" damage to whom?

Donegan said the Australian Government would help arrange financing to encourage local manufacturing of Australian products, however I wonder if your Government would sanction the manufacturing of "Knock-Off" Copies of products from the USA like they do in China?

Donegan claims that "he designed" the Transcool
, which is strange, as the outside & interior dimensions are identical to the MW1! WikipediA defines "design" as a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation. What's unique's about designing a "knock-off" copy?


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Swampy 12 volt Cooling Systems are Proudly made in the USA since 1989

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