12-Volt MightyKool Options to customize their needs of the Model K2.

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(Free with your order of the K2) A US $18.00 set of 2 Smart Cooling Filters (left) should be ordered with a new MightyKool to have them on hand, as they are the reason a MightyKool possesses superior cooling using water only. The Smart Cooling Filter automatically regulates the water depending on humidity resulting in perfect evaporation instead of using a pump like all other evaporative coolers, which may supply too much water on humid days and not enough on dry times.


(Free with your order of the K2) The US $19.00 Converter (right) converts 240-volt (house power) to 12-volts so a MightyKool may be used in your home, office, garage, most anywhere that you may not have 12-volt power.

(Free with your order of the K2) The purpose of the Hose attached to the K2 (left) is so that fresh air may be brought in to the K2 so that maximum cool air may be obtained. The Hose is fitted on the square Intake Housing that we install at the Factory on the model K2. The 4" X 7 foot hose is easy to attach or remove from the housing. This option sent at the same time as purchasing the K2 is US $59.00


The optional Flex Hose Kit (right) is used when it is difficult to have a MightyKool close enough where the cool air is needed or to cool in two different places at the same time. Comes complete with two 7 Foot x 2 1/2" Flex Hoses & attachments needed for US $59.00 when ordered with a MightyKool Model. This option is normally vital in moving Vehicles or for Pets in Kennels or Cages that are not together.

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